Speak and Glitch . bricky


A legendary speak and spell .

Gets interesting if you hack it strange Glitches. .

From the legendary Texas instruments chip.

The Speak in Glitch is an inspired. Box.

Was focused on the glitches and not on the speak.

There is a Synthesizer part. And the CV modulations part .

Synthesizer part has three different potential meters pitch / speed / FM

they have cv in for every potential meter .

Remember the potential meter is the offsets if you use control voltage

. modulations CV part Three blinking led.s three different outputs.

One speed control of all three outputs . S

quare / sine / Random You can lock the rhythm with the loop switch. To make different rhythms and sequencing See also demo video . It runs on 9 V Center positive Bricky Format

It comes with three spectacular lightning cables

power sub usb inc