Loopman blueberry eurorack


Loopman eurorack

Is it experimental tape recorder

in eurorack formats It can record sounds on Cassette tape

That we know from the 70. 80s.

And we missed a Lofi quality of the sound Warm organic. About the Loopman .

Loop means walk in Dutch. But it means in English A coming back of the sounds.

This device have also a built-in radio AM and FM

there is a Lopez gate inside that means you can go fairy experimental to record noise

or play noise from the radio and make a kind of

snare drum or other experiments or percussions .

You can control the speed of the tape with the control voltage

A lot of things to experiment.But it also play your regular Tapes.

The size is 28 HP and it comes in three colors Black / pink// bleu green 

power consum 

142 mA 12+ 

0 12-

0 5+

free looptape inc