Loopman Is a tape recorder player walkman

it has a built-in radio

And you can control the speed of the motor

all the way till it stops It has also a control voltage Input.

on The speed it has and light sensitive sensor LDR to make the sound extra Weebly .

If necessary .

It has a built-in microphone to Recording it has also a rec input .

To use external gear.


Why Loopman .

Loop means walk in Dutch Loop means in English .

That it will come back. Like a tape loop .


Because we missing the vintage sound sometimes

of real tapes really warm acoustics if you change the speed

a little bit slow it’s nice to use in your performance

on the backgrounds.

It will come included a tape loop To use for five seconds you can run it on USB power Or Two batteries AA

It has a small built-in speaker A built-in microphone

Remember we using using special rare and vintage knobs . Some of them are from the 50s or 60s some of them are from Russia and some of them from Europe . It’s possible get the model has a different knob like on the picture. Because they are limited.