TELE BLENDER black gold xp


Tele blender ,gold xp 

It’s an algorithmic Control voltage Generator .

And an audio noise source .

That creating loops of abstract Texture . That means Kind of controlled randomness .

They are building loops that you can control

with the tree knobs X piTch y The big tele knob Shows which

algorithms it is anyway to remember it Because

there are a lot of different algorithms in there .

The best to use this in Oscillators. But also filters.

To create a controlled bubble bath sounds or over the top abstract textures .

The audio output. It’s generating bytebeat looks I kind of Chiptune ( Computer sound ) .

What is quite Interesting specially in Delay Or referb Effects .

But if you want to have it over the top use

it as control voltage and that makes these things a controller

For oscillators and filters with a small audio source. For experimental purpose.