eurorack Path cable micro


pak  of 10 pics   60cm long

After some development with path cabels And a lot of experience we are proud that we find the best Path cable . Doing the development we watch on a few things it must be small and it must be flexible .Why! .It must be small because you have more space for your fingers and more place for the knobs Also it's made from a special plastic This silicone is really flexible It's very important if you have a case that you take with you that it can be close .If you are close your case it's important that the cable don't break inside like almost a lot of other cables do.Specially after a long time.After development we found out that this is really a good cable for this because of Extra flexible Cable At the moment we develop it in three sizes and into colours pink 15 cm / pink 50 cm / Black 65cm / It comes in a bag of 10 always