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Blind noise

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 DJ Falling Girl

.Is a experimental .Touchable synthesiser. For a lot of different people The development was for People who can not see good .Or being blind . But also for children and artists this is really interesting.The sound is amazing. You can play it with touch. 12 Different notes in a circle. Each side six .The six wave forms Give modulation to each other . You can play with this with the four knobs to change the whole touch interface . We using muscle memory To remember where you are if you hear the sounds .sounds so it can be really noisy organic but also Blippy. It’s very nice to use this in guitar pedals delay Re-Ferb’s to make soundscapes . During the development we want to keep this one affordable and also to make it as a workshop item So there will be on festivals workshops that you can make this yourself . For information about this Email us

About the body contact .You can use this one on the table but also as Game consul Think about your old Nintendo. The touch interface works on the resistance of your body.There is an amount of water in your body if you have a really dry hands you will see that you have a little sound if you have more wet hands you will see you have more sounds and everything between .So it can be that it sounds different on you then your girlfriend or your kids. Not only because of the hands but the whole body is made of water. Don’t think there’s any chance for shock . Of course you cannot make your hands too wet then the sound will stay on but a little bit is good.

It comes with a battery clip for a 9 v block free 

There is a power supply.For sale it’s around €10

For deep soundscapes ambient or noise this is your thing for more information please check the demo movies

power adapter not inc. but a battery clip for 9 volt block
always use 9 v plus in the center.
or buy one below

Experimental synthesiser for everyone


Take the blue.pill or the red pill ?

For kids

For blind

For experimental Nerds

Fake hipsters

Real artists

People who don’t have much money




The rebel

Or maybe your parents or a complaining girlfriend

This is for everybody :}