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Error Tron It's about playing with compartments making noises and different soundscapes.It's hundred percent analogue. It has a mini jack out and to control voltage in. There is a big Switch Compartment .To play with binary Dividers And there is a special place that you can take out and put other Compartments in Like capacitors LED or Light-sensitive sensors You can play with tropical Capacitors From the 60s and 70s .To make different sounds and sweeps . This is inspired by the tropical nice eurorack . And it remains in a standalone forward. For the people who don't have eurorack moduler . Because the compartments are limited .There are only 20 made for now . Every error tron Comes with a bag of 10 capacitors tropical and special 10 Normal capacitors that we using these days. Three sensors for light sensitivity. Five LEDs for different Pulses It comes with a battery clip and there is about like for sale . For more information see the demonstration movies