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krusnek forst .v3

It’s a psychedelic Synthesizer.

with the philosophy. 

About controlling unconsciousness.

In the deep dark Post realistic forst . 

It’s a wooden box That can make sounds.

and talk some language Of the strange. 

It has a lot of difference paths trees .

You Can make a mix between the red and the silver trees . 

The wooden box has and eye .

It stands for seeing lights. 

The lights can push that capacitors empty.

And has influence on the analog circuits. 

There is a Door from the forest.

into the tunnel .the tunnel is a delay.

it’s an effect on the sounds.

It’s generate if you want to like feedback .

the feedback can be pushed away. 

By the sounds from the forest. 

The light will make it droning or complex. 

The mix between the Sounds of the forest and the echo in the tunnel .

Is this sounds how Krusnek likes it . The patching Can be. alligator clips / Or wire / Or your hands/ Or a metal spoon/ 

There is a small light sensor.

To perform easy But that also External big sensor.

You can let the colors make a different sequence on the screen Or between dark and light The device is 100% analog. There is control voltage Mini jake It works between seven and 12 V Important is the plus in the middle +)

It comes included power supply Patch wire / Three alligator clips/ A metal spoons/ A battery clip 9v . It comes also included the special big sensor krusnek Sensor . And also with the small one

Also a small mini jack cable from the forest through the tunnel

Design by / Paul tas / thanks to Kuntay Seferoglu / Dennis de bel / Eefje VD brink